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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Halo Dreams

I rolled out of the bed, only it wasn’t a bed, more like a board or a table with wheels but not wood. It was hard and stiff with a screeching squeaky sound as I rolled across its surface and came to my feet. Above me was a bright grey sky immediately in the full moon’s halo. The grey seemed flourescent, dulled and cooled but vibrant in an april mood. I hung there for a while, hands effortlessly outstretched. My finger tips led to a union with this grey flouresence, it was more green than grey really. A nuance of grey tinged with a green flourescent blanket behind and inside the sky at once. The moon hung there in the distance, in the middle, high and beyond the tenuated flourescent ring. I circled the darker ring of the halo with my index finger attached to a nerveless hand. I circled faster and faster until the empty and dark gained momentum and spinning on it’s own yet still wrapped inside this static dull flourescent green. The moon peered through the middle and into my eye by the course of a single connecting thread. Between us the invisible halo spun and spun til it pined away before I could hear what they were saying from under the green blanket. The thread vanished. I turned to the bed knowing I couldn't stay longer.

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