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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pineal Chain Thought

As it appeared last night...

Lore and science speculate consciousness / soul / spirit derive in the
Pineal Gland = Third Eye =
Melatonin production or N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine
Analogue to methoxytryptamine in nature =
N-N Dimethyltryptamine…DMT = ... See More
The experience of consciousness / soul / spirit

Light bulb goes blink blink!

Most Pineal Glands in adults are calcified due to flouride
Hardened…less pliable---no release of
Conscious impusles – souls – spirits.
Mental trap – a calcified prison of the mind soul made from calcified flouride
Flouride is supplemented everywhere =

Flouride – most antidepressants - Prozac yes
Flouride - most city water supplies
Flouride - tooth paste of course
Flouride – from very early age the calcification begins
Flouride….holding back 3rd eye?

Research shows – the body’s single greatest flouride accumalation is in the =
Pineal Gland.

Research shows - Flouride in water supplies reduces intelligence – cognitive abilities over time.

Does someone or something know this?

The 3rd Eye – take a look.

Shed your skin, pry away and there it is right behind your eyelids.

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