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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Liquid Dreams

Before me
pose voids of muted forget.
Desire is pulled down. Under,
a falling memory fades
and my soul crosses over
a deceptive ocean of change.
While I step beyond, distance
passes behind my eyes, finally
lonliness is defied
in the liquid dream.

Red, radiating speckles
synthesize the summer’s breeze
and my third eye awakens
from the calcified dream.
The blue screams drown, idle
in the fate of a vain ethereal tide.
I fall to my knees, paled,
spiraling downward , into
a channled substrate
of divine conscience.

My nakedness
confronts the illusion, inward
facing my soul’s window
and I stand to witness
with three blued eyes,
the waning current’s demise.
Around me, a blind energy
of subtle regret
within the decaying confinement,
forces my gaze upward.

Above me, an infinite sky
raining down a mist
of crystalline truth,
cleansing my will
of its hallucinating love affair.
Autumn’s endless ride
carries me over
shapeless highways in my distant mind,
delivering me once again
to where the chemical tale began.

October, 2009 - April 2010

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