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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Part 3 – Calcification of The Pineal Gland and Its Effects on Divine Consciousness

Final Entry: Renewing The Pineal Gland
Before beginning to outline means to ahcieving a genuine spiritual existence I’d like to give my readers, you, a bit of background about myself. I come from two predominant influences, the same two that many of you may part from. First, being from the west I was brought up in the belief system of Christianity and later the logic of science as a means of understanding life. The two are often inseparable as I mentioned in part one of this series.

I can’t deny these influences and the models and vocabulary I have established are not easily over-ridden when searching out the truth of a higher state of consciousness. I have never been fully capable of immersing myself in other systems and thus most of my descrptive qualities are remnants of what I was fed from day one. Thus, on the many occasions that I have participated in exotic rituals, such as peyote and ayahuasca ceremonies, I have found the very same occurances as those found in the science classroom and the church. My experiences in these groups has seen that the participants often go through the procedures, the act, and believe simply by the suggestion from what the others around them say they should experience. I have seen many people indulge in these ceremonies with the notion that the ceremony itself is the act of transcendence – identical in nature to what happens in a small town christian church. Meanwhile, they get all caught up in the symbolism and lithurgical practices stipulated by the ceremonial ritual.

I don’t deny that a potential in these rituals exists (it also exists in the christian church at times) but I have seen them exploited over and over again to no real avail with those who follow them. In addition, I have often noticed how these very rituals are pulled from their initial tribal context and replanted in a western culture who has little relation to them (much the same way as Christianity has been mutated to appeal to our own cultural appearance). Thus, they are usually modified in some manner that attempts to combine familiar aspects with the supposed ancient rites and by doing this they lose the essence of the entire objective – transcendence and an interdimensional communication. This is not to say that I am an open supporter of Tanscendental Tourism for the sake of “tripping” on one’s own with no support or structure but to participate in these tribal ceremonies or to go to church is no more an answer than the psychonaut’s approach in many cases.

What needs to be clear when embarking on a spiritual journey is the individual nature of this journey. We may all be connected, but the journey is taken alone in order to meet up with the universal on the other side. So, my first suggestion to rehabilitating the spirit is to know one’s self, to seriously ponder the why’s and how’s from within – not those stipulated by a modern day shaman, a Catholic priest, or the latest literature on psychedelic tendencies. All of them can give a basic structure to the journey, or a map if you will, but the journey still must be undertaken by the individual. This being said, I will try to stay away from promoting these influences while highlighting the aspects of them which can be of true benefit for those who wish to fully understand what higher consciousness can mean.

Next on the list of essentials to regaining our inner spirit is to know and care for one’s body, a well tuned vehicle is extremely important for innerspace travelling. This begins with nutrition and it is probably the mos dificult of all the steps to achieve given our dependence on outside food sources which are altered beyond imagination in many cases. Eliminating unnecessary buildup ups of toxins and in this case the accumulation of calcified deposits within the body is part of this process. Flouride can easily be removed from our water sources through reverse osmosis filtration systems. It can also be reduced by eliminating our intake of pharmaceutical prescription drugs, non-flouride containing toothpastes, and living in a community that is free of smog and air pollution. A fibre diet is another means of attacking these buildups, not to mention complete nutrition through quality food sources – preferably homegrown organic produce.

Meditation is another good source for rehabilitating a clogged pineal gland. Learned meditation techinques that use vibrational chants such as the Hindu Shakti songs serve to physically awaken the soul. I have come to see these techniques as a form of ultrasonic decalcifiers – much in the way the dentist uses an ultrasonic tool to loosen calcified deposits on our teeth. Through this training in vibrational meditation we are not only manifesting the spirit through a deep awareness but also through a physical process that sends vibrational frequencies through our bodies, thus breaking up accumulations of unwanted calcification and freeing the portal to the Other.

Finally, there are psychedelics. Most notably DMT, the so called spirit molecule. Through an educated and conscious application of DMT we can immediately override these calcified based dysfunctions and open the soul’s portal to direct contact with higher dimensions. The transition experienced through DMT is often times too sudden and intense for those who are not thoroughly prepared so I can’t stress enough the importance of pursuing this avenue through proper preparation and guidance from those who are experienced in the field. This is not a recreational psychedelic by any stretch of the imagination and should be handled in a proper setting and most importantly a proper mindset. Today, there are many groups who can assist in this technique. For those like myself who’s souls have been severely blocked or altered, DMT may be the only immediate prescription to achieve the Other. Once this other reality has been discovered it is much easier to obtain and recognize later on. Meditation becomes much more effective as do the means to providing the other necessary combatitive measures like nutrition. However, the DMT experience is severe and intense so it is essential to be well prepared for such a mystical enlightenment.

There is a lot of chatter these days about the 2012 doomsday just around the corner. Most of this nothing but sensationalism and fear tactics being applied to justify other motives for control. However, what can be accurately taken from the Mayan traditions is the pending transition from a spirtiuality which centers on materialism, greed, and emnity towards one that is based on peace and cooperation with our physical world. It is important to undestand that this transition will be disputed by the ruling oligarchical factions of the world, after all they are quite happy with their current control of the state of our consciousness. I am of the opinion that this transition will not require a violent revolution but will happen through awareness and a disconnection to those ruling interests. They will fade simply through our refusal to recognize their reality as the only reality. So, to this end you could posit that the end of the world is near – the end of the destructive world at least.

Through these ancient prophecies you can see this transition taking place. It is a spiritual transition that can go unnoticed if you are not connected to it. Over the last several years there has been an awakening of our consciousness and much of this comes from a renewed interest in transcendentalism and most notably through a rekindled interest in psychedelics. Secret ceremonial practises that were guarded from the outside world are now beginning to reach us all – a prime example being the ceremonial use of Ayahuasca taking place around the world. These peoples who have stayed in close contact with the Other feel the need to share their insight with the world in order to facilitate the pending spiritual reawakening. It is these very tribes who probably hold the key to a peaceful transition and knowing this they have opened their doors to the outside world where before they would not have done so.

This transtion can be witnessed on so many levels and the current chaos we see in the world is truly a manifestation of the struggle to keep it from happening by the powers that be. It is, however, within reach of each and every one of us to find the strength and insight to be able to endure these pending hard times. This is precisely where a healthy pineal gland will come into play – it is the portal to open the way for our transcendence into a higher, better, and peaceful coexistence during our physical period here on earth. This peace is essential if we are to carry that positive vibrational presence into the afterlife and open our souls to the eternity that awaits us on the other side.
It is time to open our third eyes and awake to a brand new day.

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