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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Part 2 - Calcification of The Pineal Gland & Its Effects on Divine Consciousness

In part two of this series I’ll explain in more detail how the pineal gland effects our overall health and more importantly for the sake of this discussion – our spiritual awareness. We now know what the pineal gland does on a basic level, but there is a world of investigation pending into the repercussions of these functions.

Going back for a moment to the gland’s production of Melatonin and potentially it’s similar analogue DMT, we know that it depends a great deal on photoperiodic influences (light to dark), electromagnetic fields, and extremely low frequencies (ELF’s). Beginning with the photoperiodic influence, it has been determined that the pineal gland secretes melatonin when light intensity is reduced to a minimum level, above this level it stops producing entirely and can interrupt our circadian rythyms (day-night and seasonal alterations). The effects of light and EMF’s is outlined in what is known as the Melatonin Hypothesis, whereupon the influences of melatonin production may be related to sexual reproduction, early onset of puberty, and possibly even breast cancer in women. Also, Melatonin was discovered in 2002 to be a powerful antioxidant which hunts down free radicals and serves as an anti-cancer hormone through its work in neuroreceptor points. It has also been seen to influence depression in many individuals among still more functions. It comes as no surprise that melatonin production from the pineal is altered by our bombardment of these external influences. In the modern age we are entwined in light and artificial electromagnetic forces, all of which can be detrimental to the pineal’s basic functions – by accident or design is for anyone to ask.

It is also known, and it’s one of the key points of this discussion, that the pineal gland becomes calcified with age. It stops growing at about two years old but continues to gradually gain mass through life and then begins to calcify as our bodies mature. This is a natural occuring process and could theoretically give some insight as to our fundamental lack of spiritual outwardness when we grow older. Children are most often more spiritually inclined and connected than are seasoned adults in the western world, regardless of their desire to express themselves as such. With age we tend to settle in, stop thinking and wondering – our curiousity abates. At least until we are forced to overcome these disabled systems in extremely stressful moments such as when dying or near death. It is interesting to point out that as the pineal assumed a more "spiritual" role in our evolution in place of a simple third eye (like lizards whose pineal contain a lens, cornea, and retina) to regulate light and dark functions, it needs the greater protection from the environment afforded by such deep placement in the skull. Even more curious than this deep location is the pineal’s proximity to the sensory and emotional centers of the brain. Through its normal function and possible distribution of DMT the pineal could be seen as perfectly located to communicate efficiently with these centers. However, what happens when the gland becomes over calcified? Do we lose emotional and sensory capabilities? Is our intelligence quotient lowered? Is our potential to connect with “God” hindered or blocked?

The calcification process may hold the answers to these questions, as the pineal gland becomes impenetrable to the adrenaline and noradrenaline neurotransmitters surrounding the gland which allow seratonin to synthesise into melatonin, and as is suggested by Dr. Strassman, to synthesize DMT also. The pineal gland posesses all of the necessary building blocks to produce DMT. The unique enzymes that are needed to convert seratonin and melatonin or tryptamine into pscyhedelic substances are abundantly available within the gland. So, in theory, if these processes were blocked from normal functioning they could prohibit the molecular spirit vehicle from forming and thus shutting our souls off from the higher dimensions of existence. The defense system of the pineal is already impressive and to produce psychedelic quantities of DMT it would need quite a shock or stimulation – such as those produced under extreme stress, child birth, deep meditation and chanting, near death experiences, and death itself.

Take into account how calcification is rock hard and impermeable to absorption and it could be possible that excessive calcification blocks our spirit in a very physical manner from communication with those higher dimensions of reality. Think about the lime deposits that form around a dripping water tap. They are nearly impossible to remove, hard as rock, and will eventually block the tap’s spout - prohibiting water from flowing out. Lime is calcification and it is the basic material that forms within the pineal, often times excessively.

What draws my attention to the calcification of the pineal gland is the influence that flouride has in the process. The pineal is not really part of the brain mass, instead it forms in fetuses from tissue in the mouth region and then migrates to its resting point in the center of the brain. It’s final tissue substance is closely related to the eye’s. Coincidentally, the highest concetration of flouride in the human body is precisely in the pineal gland. Flouride quickly calcifies and this accelerates the natural process causing increased levels of calcification. My primary question in presenting this essay is wether or not it is known that calcification of the pineal gland can cause certain communicative disruptions with the functions of this gland. That is, does someone know that they are blocking off our potential to become enlightened and connected as one with God or the Logos?

Let’s look at flouride and where it is found. Flouride quickly calcifies into a solid and it is most concentrated in the pineal gland, this we know. Also, most municipal water supplies are fortified with Flouride, supposedly as a manner of ensuring healthy teeth in our children. It is also produced from coal burning and can become airborne and breathed into our bodies (it has been reported to influence osteoschlerosis – skeletal flourosis, as a result of high levels of coal borne flouride intake). Still more interesting, it is also the base element in many medications including most anti-depressants, antihistamines, psychotropics, antiacids, anti anxiety, appetite supressants, arthritis medications, antibiotics, and a whole host of other medicines. Take note that it is employed in so many “anti” drugs…anti-spirit as well perhaps? This anti-aspect shows that is used to block – like the runny tap with lime deposits!

There is no shortage of flouride in our bodies, millions upon millions of people around the world can be found taking these drugs on a daily basis and breathing excessive amounts of coal originated flouride in the air. Not to mention more flouride in our supplemented water! What are the effects of flouride besides the supposed benefit to our teeth? Little is known about the effects of this consumption, less so relating to the pineal gland.

There are international studies that have shown that flourinated water supplies reduce the IQ in children. In China research was conducted on the children of two nearby villages with similar demographics and family orientations. One of these villages had flouride in the water, the other didn’t. The intelligence level of the flourinated children was determined to be significantly lower than the children from the village without flouride. Other studies have produced similar concerns, yet in the US there is very little interest in looking further into this problem. The establishment has determined it fit for consumption and apparently there is no need to waste money on useless research. Or does someone know something we don’t and have a reason to keep us consuming it?

As I mentioned, there is no available scientific work that focuses on the effects of Flouride in the pineal gland. If this gland potentially influences our emotional and sensory areas of the brain, then by default it would also influence our thoughts and intelligence capabilities. Perhaps thoughts actually originate in the pineal itself and are then distributed to the brain. After all, as René Descartes pointed out in his own work many years ago, thoughts only come one at a time and thoughts are precisely how the divine consciousness manifests itself through us. There is no stereo effect in thoughts as might possibly happen in a paired organ like the brain or the eyes. The pineal is a single entity and thus it quite possibly produces one thought at a time for distribution through the cerebrospinal fluid which then feeds them to the brain to manifest themselves outwardly.

If this thought and assimilation process is interrupted as a result of calcification then we have a serious issue on our hands. If flouride is also the principal inhibitor of the pineal gland’s spiritual functions then we have a double whamy! To suggest this would mean that we could estimably be condemned to our physical existence without a molecular vehicle to transport us to the afterlife or give us spiritual insight and exaltation in our current lives. We could virtually be prisoners of the soul made possible through a conecpt as simple as a clogged faucet.

There is no shortage of conspiracies in the world, nor has there ever been. There has always been an objective to control the minds and spirits of the masses to benefit the few – look at Hitler, the Romans, the current American mass consumption society, and countless other examples in history. Let’s consider for a moment that all of the most depriving evil conspiracy theories are true – if this were the case then those who commit the conspiracy could very well harness vast amounts of hidden knowledge, both esoteric and scientific. If this were the case, much of our reality would be just an illusion fed to us by these very conspirators. They could be hiding untold knlowedge to solve our energy problems by plugging into the vast enrgy fields that encirlce our planet and the universe for that matter. They could also be hiding the causes and cures for untold sickness and disease. If they held the keys to this sort of wisdom then they could also hold the keys to the afterlife, our connection with our eternal cosmic existence. By polarizing and simplifying spirituality into purely manmade concepts such as our western Christianity, they would be effectively leading us on wild goose chases. At the same time they would undermine and suppress to no end the viable alternatives that are afforded in many other cultures, notably shamanic influences and mystic practises of enlightenment. This would leave us with no where to turn but towards the pseudo idolised spirituality that we have come to know through so many generations.

If this were all true then why wouldn’t they use a simple technique of blocking the spirit’s molecular vehicle and in essence jam our antenna to communicate directly with all of this knowledge ourselves? Calcification of the pineal gland, if it is indeed the spirit gland that produces the so called spirit molecule (DMT is the assumption), would be an easy and convenient method of imprisoning us in the three dimensional illusion with no means of escaping, ultimately cutting off our existence on all planes or dimensions. The earth under this light would be one huge calcified bottle filled with screaming souls dying to be released. Imagine the energy that these in the know could utilize to their benefit by having billions of souls bottled up in a prison? This energy could well be the food they greedily need to satisfy their hunger for eternal growth and a monopoly of the universe. Of course I could be wrong and this is all just a head scratching coincidence. Either way, we are all crying out to find that Other and most of us perish without fully knowing it beforehand.

Most of us do not find a genuine answer in religion and the urge to reconnect has been gradually building up steam over the past century or so, you can only bottle up the souls for so long until the glass bursts. We know the Other is there, but we struggle to grasp it. There is always a block – that is until we can learn to reactivate or simulate the pineal gland’s spiritual capabilities.

Later this week part three of this series will discuss the techniques we can all use to achieve that mystical enlightenment, that revolution of the spirit that is just around the corner.

Stay tuned for the renaissance of the Spiritual Pineal!

B. Lilly

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Pauline said...

I enjoyed reading your material and felt you did a good job of expaining your point.. God created this world greater than what man can see or explain and I would agree their is a disconnect making it diffucult for us to see clearly. Thanks for the taking the time to write this.

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